Sunday, 14 April 2013

A New Blog

When I started the blog There’s Always A Story I made the decision to leave subject and content broad.  I didn’t want to stifle creativity by sticking to a narrow set of themes, nor did I want to miss reaching an audience who might like a wide range of topics.  My idea was to throw the net wide and reassess in a year. 

Well, to my surprise, in a month and a half that year is up.  I have received praise for the breadth of my subjects, reassurance that stories about different slices of life are exactly what people enjoy.  And I’ve been asked “why don’t you narrow the field, Julie, become known for writing about a particular area?”   Both reactions are valid.  

I want to write as freely as I do in There’s Always a Story, I want to continue to indulge my curiosity and love of story-telling, for I think the business of life is the most interesting.  Moreover you have been kind enough to keep reading There’s Always A Story at and that has helped hone my writer’s voice for which I’m grateful.

I also want to write about the arts in all its forms - not as a critic, but commentary on a multi-disciplinary subject about which I am passionate.  So solely for the purposes of simpler marketing, I have decided to run a parallel blog – a spin-off called Blog Julie Arts.

I’m not sure yet about the frequency of either but you’re free to follow both or either, and I suspect over time readers will move back and forth.  But who knows?  Like much in the arts (and in life) it is something of an experiment. 

I’m making this move earlier than expected, but such has been the volume of feedback lately I feel emboldened to put a stake in the ground. 

I do struggle sometimes with technology (as you may have noticed J) but I think I’ve set up a system whereby you can follow or request email notifications, and next I’ll establish a feed back system with a ‘comments box’.  Meanwhile thanks very much for sharing the link and introducing new readers. 

Here’s to many more stories!  And see you soon at